The CareFlite Paluxy Pedal is fast becoming one of the top rides in Texas.  The ride starts and ends at the northern tip of the Hill Country in beautiful Glen Rose, Texas. The meandering paved route takes you through scenic views, gentle hills and challenging climbs.


Whether you are a novice or advanced

rider, you will have fun with the other
riders and volunteers who all help to
make this ride an unforgettable annual
event, and one that you don’t want to


Ride distance:

29 miles, 38 miles, 53 miles & 60 miles.


The 53- and 60-mile rides take you to
the top of the wall - a 3/10 of a mile
stretch with a hill grade of almost 19%
at its steepest. The view of miles of
beautiful vistas is worth the effort.


Start time:

8:30 a.m. (no riders start after 9 a.m.)

All riders are asked to be off the course by 2 p.m.


Rest stops/support:

Rest stops and water stations are stationed throughout the course. SAG vehicles constantly monitor the course. Showers are available at the finish line.

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The Wall: Don't be Scared

"The published grade at The Wall

is 19 percent - that must be an average.

Every year I ride, my GPS shows a section before the Peak at 24 percent

for a few hundred feet.

There is a bailout to avoid the Wall.

Don't be too embarrassed if you walk it -
you will have plenty of company."

– Three-time Paluxy Pedal Rider

Proceeds from The CareFlite 2017 Paluxy Pedal

will benefit the LDL Educational

Resources Foundation,

supporting education, health

and environmental projects

for the people of Somervell

and adjacent counties.